Protect your family from Lime disease and Powassan virus Ticks transmit, by seeking pest control services from the professionals at Safer Nature. We specialize in safer more effective tick and mosquito control.

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Due to the mild winter that we experienced this year, it is expected that the tick season will be worse than average. Don't let ticks over take your yard this summer, call us now for all your pest control needs!

Why is it important to get your yard treated for mosquitos?

  • Ticks can spread very harmful diseases and viruses
  • Ticks not only transmit diseases through people, but also through pets such as dogs

Tips for ways you can reduce the amount of ticks on your property:

  • Mow your lawn on a regular basis
  • Keep wood in a dry area
  • Keep leaves and any ground cover throughout the yard to a minimum
  • Keep any pets away from very wooded areas
  • Call Safer Nature for all your tick control services

Two most common ticks in Massachusetts

Two most common ticks in Massachusetts

  • Black-legged Ticks
  • Dog Ticks
  • Lone Star Ticks

Even though it may seem impossible to control pests, such as mosquitoes, Safer Nature is here to ease your frustration. Our pest control solution combines a Safer Nature USDA Organic Spray and an OMRI-certified mosquito additive.

The tick control professionals at Safer Nature, have been protecting families from Lyme disease and Powassan virus ticks transmit, since 2002. Our trained technicians provide a safer alternative to traditional pesticides and chemicals by using organic and natural products that are more effective, longer lasting, and better for the environment. We currently service the Amesbury, Newburyport, Ipswich & Middleton, MA areas.

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