A flea is a type of parasite that thrives on mammals and birds. Typically our pest control company sees an increase of calls for flea removal across the area including in Amesbury, Middleton, Ipswich, and Newburyport during the summer and early fall.

The increase of fleas throughout Massachusetts during this time period is due to a variety of different reasons including:

•Fleas thrive in warmer weather
•The lifecycle of fleas is sped up with the warmer temperature
•Pets are outside more and therefore the likelihood of brining fleas inside your home is increased

Fleas are not a pest to be ignored as they are known to transmit diseases such as typhus and bartonella. You should contact an experienced pest control company if you notice any sign of fleas such as:

•Residue of blood or empty shell cases
•Larvae on pets or on your floors
•Your pet is abnormally scratching or licking

Our skilled pest control technician will come out to your home or business to fully inspect your property for fleas. If a flea problem does indeed exist then we'll explain our findings and present you with your flea removal options.

Don't let fleas ruin your summer! Contact our office today to learn more about our flea removal services in Amesbury, Middleton, Ipswich,and Newburyport.