Safer Nature is a pest control company that is based out of Amesbury, MA. Not only do we provide exceptional pest control removal services, but we also provide bat removal to both homeowners and business owners across the Amesbury, MA area including in Newburyport, Ipswich, and Middleton, MA.

Bats tend to peak in Massachusetts during the late summer and early fall. The spike in bats from late July to November is due to the bat's mating season. It is important that you contact a bat removal expert at the first sign of an infestation. Bats are notorious for nesting in dark places that shield them from possible predators. Just like with any rodent or pest there are some key signs that could indicate that you have a bat problem.

Three of the most common signs of a bat infestation are:

•Feces droppings
•Bad odors
•Scratching noises

If you've noticed any of these signs then it is time to contact a bat removal expert that you can trust. Reach out to our Amesbury, MA office today to learn more about our bat control services.